How to apply for Online Banking

by - March 14, 2012

We have recently implemented an automated shopping cart system on our website and we can't help but notice that there are still a large number of shoppers who are unable to purchase on our website because they either do not have online banking, own a credit card, or both.

It has been a good 5 to 7 years since the online shopping scene in Malaysia started booming, where every girl with internet discovered that they can shop at the ease in their pajamas any time of the day (or night), and have their desired goods delivered to their doorstep. For those of you who have been shopping online since then, we'd hate to imagine all those trips you have taken to the bank just to transfer money to each seller.

Seriously, at this day and age, why do most people still do not have online banking? Not owning or refusing to own a credit card, we can understand (yes, credit card is indeed evil). But not having internet banking? That's like saying "hey, I'm real jobless and I love going to the bank cos it's only 2 minutes away and love the air-freshener they use in that place, so lining up at the cash deposit machine is the main highlight of my day" or something like that. And we bet these are the same type of people who don't use a Touch&Go card or SMART tag, or still line up at Telekom/Maxis/Digi/Celcom just to wait for their turn to pay the monthly bills. Cos waiting is just so much fun rite?

Rants aside, we did try to explore the reasons one might have for not registering for internet banking:

1. no bank account, I believe in carrying cash
2. have bank account, haven't found the time to register for internet banking (who wants to spend time queue-ing up for 3 hours to apply for something I don't really need)
3. what is internet banking? isit safe? what if I press the wrong button and my whole account is wiped out?
4. have bank account, but my bank is crappy and backward it hasn't started offering internet banking yet

5. I only have to perform banking transactions once a month and I don't mind going to the bank once a month
6. I don't need online banking, my life has been great without why bother?

Sadly, all these are excuses to remain inefficient. Perhaps you don't mind wasting time making a trip to the bank, waiting in line to use the cash deposit machine. But really, those times are better spent watching your favorite tv series or hanging out with your loved ones.

We know you might think like "omg! I don't want to waste that 3 hours of my life lining up at the bank counter to apply for this online banking that I only use once a month!", but we've done some checking with the most commonly used local banks, eg. Maybank & CIMB, and actually neither bank require you to spend time waiting at the counter to activate your online banking. Yes, we called them up cos we know you won't and asked them for you.

So, assuming you already have a bank account with either of the banks, this is all you need do:

 For Maybank personal account holder with ATM card (your account is personal if it isn't a joint account with someone else or a company account, can be savings or current):
  1. 1.Go to any Maybank ATM
  2. 2.At the main menu, select Maybank2u/Phone Banking/SMS Alert
  3. 3.Select Maybank2u Application
  4. 4.Key in your own 6-digit PIN
  5. 5.Repeat the 6-digit PIN to confirm
  6. 6.Perform your first time login on
Now you are able to view transactions but you can't perform any transactions yet. You need to register your mobile no. with Maybank. To do that, just go up to the customer service counter of the nearest Maybank branch, tell them you wish to register your mobile no. They will let you fill up a form. Just pass the form back to them when you're done. Your mobile no. should be registered within 24 hours. Once that's done, you can start using your Maybank2u account to pay bills, transfer funds to 3rd party, shop online and buy movie tickets :)

For CIMB personal account holder with ATM Card (this is even simpler):

  1. 1.Go to any CIMB ATM and enter your existing ATM PIN
  2. 2.Select "Others", then select "Internet e-PIN "
  3. 3.Key in 6-digit e-PIN of your choice. It must be different from your present ATM card PIN
  4. 4.Confirm e-PIN by keying the same 6-digit number again
  5. 5.If e-PIN creation is successful, the ATM will display the message "Internet e-PIN accepted
  6. 6.You will be prompted to register your mobile no.


That's it! Now you can login to your account and start performing transactions. No more lining at the cash deposit machine. The sky is bluer and life is now really great. Seriously.

For other commonly used banks, we suggest you go on the respective bank's website to find out how to go about activating your internet banking. This information can usually be found in the FAQ page. We will add more guides for other banks when we have time in future.

This post is not meant to offend and we apologize if it does, perhaps we could have written this in a nicer way. But we ARE trying to drive home a point and there's no nice way to say this: Quit wasting time going to the bank! Make one change and live easier from now til eternity!

Why can't we accept cash deposit and ATM transfers like we used to, you ask? Because our website is now automated and orders are processed once they are paid. Because it is unfair to shoppers who pay in time to have to wait for other inconsiderate or indecisive shoppers to confirm their orders if they were handled manually. Because we don't need to deal with said inconsiderate or indecisive shoppers, we now have more time to allocated to source for more items for you to shop for, and process your orders faster.

We're always here to attend to all your queries about our items and we understand that not everyone is experienced with online shopping. However, we are not always able to respond to your queries as quick as you expect, hence we have prepared a HELP page for any possible questions you may have.

Now that we've got this out of the way, we'll go back to preparing tomorrow's update. Stay tuned, folks!

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